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Free Retro Floor Lamp

A retro floor lamp surely fits your elegant home. It has three glass spheres in different lengths, with a white marble base and a thin gold body. Put this in the corner of your living room, serving as a centerpiece with a warm and inviting illumination.

Grey and Black Cubic Alarm Table Clock

A mini cubic, alarm clock for your daily use. It has matte metallic second hands and a modern juxtaposition, with a vintage touch that you can place at your bedside.

Dulin Sculpture Piece – Set of 5

A five-piece sculpture set adding an accent to your home. Showcase this ceramic-made in sphere shape to your side table or put it in a clear container to keep a more artistic ambiance. These orbs are in blue and white colors complementing each other when displayed.

Polystyrene Bean Bag Chair

Perfect after a long tiring day-have a body rest with this Polystyrene Bean Bad Chair. Its cover is made from polystyrene and filled with beads to keep it in shape. With this Bean Bag Chair, you can comfortably relax while watching TV, reading a book, or maybe taking a nap.

Z-Stem Martini Glass Set of 4

Celebrate your special occasion with these cool martini glasses! With its unique curly stem design, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail drinks garnished with an olive or a lemon twist.

Heliconia 18.9″ Placemat

Have a tropical theme in your table with this Moses 18.9 inches Placemat. These leafy life-like placemats give you the experience of eating like no other.

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