Terms & Conditions


This Terms and Conditions applies to all transactions held on the Decor2Style website, wherein Decor2Style acts as the “seller” and the user of the website as the “customer” or “buyer.” All content on these terms and conditions covers all necessary actions between the two parties. By reading and using this website, you hereby agree on these terms set by Decor2Style.

Access to Website

The use of the Decor2Style website requires a stable internet connection to complete every transaction. Decor2Style is not liable for any failed attempt with a low internet connection from your end.

By using our platform, you hereby confirm that you will only use it according to the purpose and interest, which is to buy or gain knowledge about our product. Therefore, you should not undertake any illegal activities such as:

  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access or interrupt any of our systems

  • Steal or unlawful use of any information

  • Upload content that may contain malicious or harmful components

By buying one of our products, you understand that some of your personal information such as Name, Personal Contact Details, and Address will be captured, and Decor2Style will be using it responsibly.

This website may contain third party links that are no longer part of our service. Any transactions created on these links are no longer Decor2style’s liability.

We do our best to keep the website as functional as possible. However, there are tendencies that our website may also have downtime for any reason. We, therefore, reserve the right to close the site for a certain period of time for checking or general maintenance.

Product Information and Availability

Decor2Style provides certain product information such as photos, specifications, and descriptions to inform the buyer. We put effort into all the content of our website. We provide all the necessary information to keep you informed and help you decide on buying our products. However, it doesn’t guarantee the completeness or accurateness of the details should there be any sudden changes in the item specifications.

All the products at Decor2Style are usually consolidated within 24 hours after ordering. Should the item be available and approved, you will be notified through the email address you have provided.

In the event of item unavailability, we will also notify you through the email address, whether it’s already phased out or the possible re-stocking period. In this case, you reserve the right to put your order on a “pending status” while waiting for its availability or cancel it without any charge or liability.

Order Processing and Payment

All orders are processed from Monday to Friday until 3 PM (GMT -5) only. All orders beyond 3 PM will be processed on the next business day.

All costs, such as the item cost, delivery cost, and other charges, will reflect on your transaction before you check out. In the event of misleading or incorrect costing, the buyer reserves the right to cancel his/her order without any charges.

All payments are made in full, without any set-off, and are based through your local currency. By default, the total amount will be debited by the time you enter your payment details and your order approval. All of your orders are invoiced, may it be a single or multiple items that are valid for 1 year.

Decor2Style offers various payment methods such as personal debit or credit card that uses advanced SSL encryption to keep your transaction secure. Please take note that it doesn’t cost anything across the entire website.

Any order that was not or left unpaid will not proceed with the delivery process. Payment should only be made within 48 hours after receiving the payment instructions. Any failure to do so will automatically cancel all of your order.


All orders will be delivered to the address provided during order placement. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to provide correct address information. Any delay or misdelivered items due to incorrect details is no longer the seller’s liability.

All delivery periods indicated during your check-out is only an estimate and does not guarantee the exact receipt of the goods. The seller will not be liable for any failure or delayed deliveries due to third party concerns, or some unforeseen scenarios such as natural disasters.

You are allowed to track the status of your delivery via our tracking system.

After Delivery

Any concerns encountered upon receiving the item, such as damaged, missing items, and others should be immediately coursed through to create an immediate action. Replacements, returns, and other concerns are only valid seven days upon receiving the items. All concerns raised beyond the said period is no longer acceptable and is defined as forfeited. For return and refund information, please refer to our Return and Refund Policy page.

Compliance With Laws

The seller and buyer agree that laws vary from different countries or regions. Hence, any laws, regulations, and orders with regards to import or export control should apply and may change anytime.

Buyer agrees that he/she will not engage in any illegal activities that would expose the seller to any risk of penalties and should comply with all legal compliance and requirements.


Decor2Style is authorized to change or update these Terms and Conditions anytime. The amended content will reflect on the website, including its effectivity date.

All buyers are not entitled to assign their own rights or obligations on these Terms and Conditions unless Decor2Stlye allowed it.

All goods sold in DecorStyle are within the law and are not used for any illegal intent, including any nuclear or nuclear-related applications.

All clauses in these Terms and Conditions shall immediately take place as soon as the buyer show an interest to buy any item on the website and as long as any personal information is kept with us.