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Chevron Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

The Chevron Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat will absolutely make your guests feel more welcome upon entering your doorstep. This is composed of pure coconut coir, making it more durable that can stand with any weather. It is also low maintenance, water-resistant, and doesn't build-up molds or mildew. Its design/pattern is also attractive and can easily complement your home decors.

Isabell Palm Leaf Outdoor Door Mat

Greet your visitor with this Isabell Palm Leaf Outdoor Door Mat. This piece is crafted from 100% hard-wearing coir, individually handcrafted, durable, and eco-friendly. This mat has a leaf sketch with an ancient vibe that will absolutely catch your guest’s eye.Provide proper care by scraping off mud and dirt with a stiff brush, or vacuum.

Macalester Natural Coir Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

Be in awe with the Macalester Natural Coir Non-slip Outdoor Door Mat that will welcome guests with natural rustic appeal. This is created from durable and natural coco fiber that makes it easy to clean.With its coconut husk style, this piece can easily blend whether you have a minimalist or sophisticated interior. Plus, it is also eco-friendly! Take this piece that is perfect for your main door to scrape off all the dirt from outdoors.

Melaney Lovers Knot Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

Upgrade your doorway with this Melaney Lovers Knot Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat. Crafted from braided, heavy coir rope, this piece is undoubtedly unique, eye-catching, and can be one of your special centerpieces. This mat is handcrafted from India, and perfect for every rustic-themed abode. Take this piece and have a grand greeting with your friends and guests.

Multi Verne Non-Slip Indoor Outdoor Door Mat

Achieve a more inviting vibe to your home with this Multi Verne Non-Slip Indoor Outdoor Door Mat. This piece is crafted with coir, plastic, and vinyl that is durable and weather-resistant. Take note that this is also slip-resistant, creating a safer space. With its attractive stripe patterns in red, green, blue, orange, beige, and brown, surely your guests will be in awe!

Nobhill Checkered Rubber Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

Create a more inviting vibe with this Nobhill Checkered Rubber Non-slip Outdoor Door Mat. This is composed of rubber and coconut fiber to get rid of all kinds of dirt from the shoes. To clean this piece, simply sweep or shake. Take this classic-styled mat from India that is non-slip, durable, and long-lasting.