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40W Amber Designer Vintage Edison Diamante

Give an accent to your empty bulb socket -put or replace it with this Incandescent Dimmable Light Bulb. With its amber diamond shape, it will surely serve as a centerpiece in your dining area. You can install it in multiple and random lengths to keep a more artistic and inviting space.

40W Clear Designer Vintage Edison Light Bulb

A glamorous bulb that you can add to your room to create a perfect atmosphere. It has as single-filament bulb contained in a crystal Diamante glass giving a more sophisticated and vintage aura.

40W Designer Vintage Edison Chromeo Incandescent Light Bulb

A combination of vintage and contemporary design - lit your home up with this Incandescent Dimmable light Bulb. A bulb with a half white and black color perfect for your living or dining area.

5W Dimmable Edison Globe Light Bulb Amber

A simple light bulb with a twist! The white, flexible, and curvy filament creates a stunningly beautiful effect when lit. Install it as is or in multiple to give a more stylish atmosphere.

5W Vintage Tungsten Wire Edison Light Bulb

An Edison-inspired bulb that serves more than just its function! This light bulb is a combination of modern technology and vintage style. The curved LED light in the transparent glass creates a more inviting appeal when lit. Install it as bare or put it in a frame to become more stylish.

60W Oversized Frosted Vintage Edison Incandescent Light Bulb

A unique, vintage Incandescent suitable for every home - whether in your living or dining area. This elongated bulb with curvy filament creates an accent to every part of your home.