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5321 Table Lamp

This collectible style surely adds beauty and elegance to your home. It his made up of a shell-inspired brass shade and brown stem. This table lamp creates a mid-century feel when you see it.

Ananas Metal & Glass Base Table Lamp

An elegant modern design lamp - made from a metal base, a clear glass body, and a fine plain shade. Bring this lamp to your home or office and have a more warm and cozy atmosphere.

Bastian Table Lamp

An antique piece that'll surely adds charm to any space in your home. This Bastian lamp is made from poly-resin with a sliver accents, empire shade with a pair of classic chain. Dress your room with a rustic theme matching this collectible piece.

Birdy Metal Table Lamp

A stylish modern lamp from Urban Outfitters - suitable for your artistic but elegant personality. The base has a metal bird feet, and the shade is made and woven minimalist. Let this creative piece of art light you up and provide you a warm ambiance.

Canonbury Table Lamp

The most modern lamp art you could ever imagine! This Canonbury is more than just a lamp, but rather a statement. It is made from acrylic crystal and beads, with an overall alluring style.

Easton Table Lamp

A single clear bulb, contained in a rectangular glass box with a touch of native finish. This creative and luxurious lighting is suitable in any part of your home or office.

Lily Tiffany Style Stained Glass Flower Table Lamp

A one of a kind lamp - base made from metal, and a two-piece Lily design shade. This lamp is perfect for your home or office to have a new and unique ambiance. Name:Range:Add rows at bottom:Add

Nashi Ceramic Base Table Lamp

A sophisticated lamp that is suitable for every grand home or a mansion. This lamp is made from a ceramic base that brings another vintage and authentic look. Put this piece in your living room, bedroom, or home office and have a more impressive aura.

Orwell Table Lamp

A native-inspired lamp for every elegant home. This lamp is composed of a glass bottle wrapped with a geometric-rope pattern, and a fabric-made shade — a light perfect for your favorite reading nook, in the living room, or your home office.

Palm Iron Table Lamp

Your modern and stylish lamp is here! Bring this Palm Iron Lamp to your home and gives a more sophisticated aura while you turn the lights on and serves as a simple centerpiece whenever you turned it off.

Rattan Lantern Table Lamp

A modern native lantern lamp that you can always enjoy - made from curved rattan strips and a cloth panel with natural color. Get this lamp perfect for your bedroom or living room, adding a more cozy atmosphere as it illuminates you.

Seance Marble Base Table Lamp

A modern Alabaster base lamp with a brass faux bois and birds rising from the base. This lamp in color white surely adds more elegance to your home.