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Abelia Floor Lamp

Perfect for your tropical-themed home, this Abelia designed floor lamp has a thin but sturdy metal body. The base is a natural rubberwood, and the shade is made from rattan. The gaps from the rattan give a more warm and shady glow whenever you switch it on. Suitable in any corner of your home, especially beside your sofa, or on your favorite reading nook.

Bronte Timber Slate Floor Lamp

A lantern-inspired floor lamp perfect for a beach and native theme. The body is consists of pine woods with even gaps providing a warm and ambient glow. With a rope handle, you can quickly grab this to a beach, in a house tree, or anywhere and have some good time.

Finnie Metal & Glass Floor Lamp

A metal circular base with thin body going to the bulb. The bulb is made from a glass cylinder giving a bright glow. This floor lamp is perfect for your living room or home office.

Floyd Metal Floor Lamp

An elegant and modern floor lamp that you can place in your living room, bedroom, or home office. It has a square metal base with a thin body leading to the bulb. Without any hindrance, this single bulb gives the bright glow you always need.

Free Retro Floor Lamp

A retro floor lamp surely fits your elegant home. It has three glass spheres in different lengths, with a white marble base and a thin gold body. Put this in the corner of your living room, serving as a centerpiece with a warm and inviting illumination.

Lorna Mondarian Floor Lamp

An elegant and modern lamp perfect for your grand and sophisticated home. This floor lamp has a saucer design shade in gold metal mesh that creates a unique effect when lit. It is supported by a black tripod that you can place beside your sofa and lounge area.

Maluka Rattan Floor Lamp

A native-inspired lamp from the leader of lightings, Telbix. Maluka is made from a full rattan. It has a white fabric cloth holding the bulb that gives a more cozy and warm atmosphere. This piece is perfect for your living room, veranda, and even on the bedside.

Shreveport Clamshell Floor Lamp

An ocean-inspired floor lamp suitable for your living room, bedroom, or office. Upgrade your lighting with this traditional design, with an oval fabric shade and a single-medium base light bulb featuring a turquoise clam shell.

Yanez Floor Lamp

A lantern-like floor lamp with a native style - perfect for your living room, bedroom or office. This lamp is an oil-rubbed bronze finished and a plastic shade. A single medium-size light bulb is enclosed with a native basket giving a more warm and inviting feels.