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Abbey Natural Pot Hanging Collection

A native-inspired pot adding accent to your balcony or indoor living. This rustic hanging collection is handmade - a carefully-ordered rope that can be placed with a viny plant.

Alden Jar

With antique and tropical touch - add this vase in any corner of your home. Set this up alone or combine with some playful accessories to create a fun but elegant space. This vase is made from ceramic in Amphora shape.

Benigna Oversized Tall Floor Vase

A grand and luxurious vase for an elegant home or mansion. Created with the muted bronze and raised pattern, this oversize tall Floor Vase will serve as your home centerpiece. Place it with a real or faux plant to give a more stunning output.

Christiane Porcelain Vase Jar with Blue Landscape Design in White

An extraordinary vase for a special home - add this world-class accent in any corner of your sanctuary. With its various blue shade and dark base, it is undoubtedly a perfect centerpiece. Take note that it also features high temperature fired fine Chinese porcelain construction.

Garrick Ceramic Tall Bellied Oval Table Vase

Are you looking for something different? Then, this oval-shaped vase is the one you're looking for! The Garrick Ceramic Tall Bellied Oval vase has a ribbed design body with a tapered bottom. It has a glamorous touch that surely gives more sophistication to your home.

Harley Blue Glaze Pot

Let this Harley Blue Pot gives a more tropical atmosphere. With its wave, sand effect, and a four natural color base, this ceramic-made will surely provide the accent you needed. Whether you place a bushy or viny plant, it will surely compliment.

Hutchcraft Modern Ceramic Table Vase

An elegant vase, with beautiful accent that you can display with or without flowers. Hutchcraft is polished in blue ceramic with a metallic gold finish rim suitable for every fine home.

Mackintosh Reproduction Stoneware Table Vase

Elegance and artistry combined into one with this Mackintosh Reproduction Stoneware. Put this vase on your side table, beside a lamp or in your living room. With its charming and delicate blue design, you can display it alone or with a single or multiple flowers.

Polyresin Leaf Floor Vase

An antique but elegant style - this vase is perfect for your home, giving a more stylish accent. Its paint is purposely rubbed or scraped off to provide an attractive and distressed coating. This vase is made from polyresin with a golden and ancient touch.

Vintage Palm Decorative Vase

Featuring the exclusive Drew Barrymore Flower Home Vintage Palm pattern, this vase will surely adds charisma to your living space. Made with an earthenware and a glossy finish, you can display this craft with or without a plant. Get this in single or multiples and create a pattern of your style.

Wilcox Pineapple 2 Piece Jar Set

A golden sophisticated pineapple jar in a full golden color that you can place on your living or dining area. It comes in a two jar set in different sizes complementing each other.