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Auburndale Coral Decor Sculpture

An elegant tropical feel - add this Auburndale Coral sculpture in any part of your home. You can place this resin-made decor on your shelf, side table, or in a clear bowl or glass. Then add some pieces of ornaments or shells to keep a more breezy atmosphere.

Balinese Legong Dancer Wall Fragment Wall Décor

A sculpture that you can add to your collection. Put this in your wall and be reminded of the grace of art by this refined Balinese dancer of the ancient folk theater.

Blough Indonesian Family Bust

An elegant white scuplture with three faces resting together. This Blough Indonesian Bust, will remind you of the importance of family. Place it in your living room or bedroom and feel refresh when you see it.

Clermont Modern Ceramic Buddha Bust

A Buddha Bust that you can add in any corner of your home. Be energized and filled with glory and wealth with this ceramic with colorful glaze work of art.

Dulin Sculpture Piece – Set of 5

A five-piece sculpture set adding an accent to your home. Showcase this ceramic-made in sphere shape to your side table or put it in a clear container to keep a more artistic ambiance. These orbs are in blue and white colors complementing each other when displayed.

Fire Dragon Wall Décor

Made from natural wood, hang this Fire Dragon sculpture in your wall giving a more vibrant and tenacious atmosphere. This decor can be one of your magnificent pieces that easily catches the attention of your guests.

Freeman Elephants Tusk Sculpture

A Freeman Elephants Tusk sculpture that you can place on your shelves in the living room or bedroom as one of your centerpieces. This is made from polyresin and carefully carved in black and ivory.

Lucky Cat

Display this Lucky Cat waving with its left paw on one of the entrance of your home to invite all the prosperity and wealth around. This Lucky Cat is made from plastic and trendy colors that you'll surely love.

Made Tresna Signed Mermaid Wood Sculpture

A Made Tresna Signed Mermaid Wood adding style to your place. This wooden mermaid that arches her body to grasp her tail signifies the importance of balance.

Metal Branch Table Sculpture

A gold Metal Branch sculpture perfect as a centerpiece in your elegant home. Place this on your table or shelves that can quickly catch attention. Display it in two to three to create a more stylish aura.

Multiple Layer Metal Flower Wall Décor Set – Set of 2

Add accent to your plain wall with this Multiple Layer Metal Flower. This piece comes in blue-green and gold metal color that you can place beside each other. You can also get four to create some visual patterns.

Resin Decorative Figurine

A turtle sculpture made from resin-display this on your shelf, or center table to add more accent on your place. Combine it with your lamp or various accessories creating a more artistic setting.