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Aluminium Hammered Round Wall Clock

An elegant minimalist wall clock that perfectly fits every corner of your home. This clock has a bright, hammered silver finish with varied cross-hatching providing a depth texture. This lightweight, aluminum clock surely adds more appeal and glamour to your home.

Aristo Brust Rays Classic Clock

A unique clock design with a sunny-look, and rough finish made from a plastic and glass. This wall clock will surely add charm and glam to your home.

Aristo Floret Classic Clock

A classic, floret-designed clock suitable to every wall. With its vintage look, it will surely add a more elegant and stylish touch to your home.

Country Lace Decorative Wall Clock

Keep a functional and bold element to your home or office. Place this oversize large round clock as a background on your living room that contrasts with the walling to create a more striking piece. Let this wall clock provide your home with a more homey and a time-centered vibe.

Grey and Black Cubic Alarm Table Clock

A mini cubic, alarm clock for your daily use. It has matte metallic second hands and a modern juxtaposition, with a vintage touch that you can place at your bedside.

Kalang Frame

Kalang is a native-inspired frame where you can place your memorable moment. It is made from wood with indigenous finish matching your native themed home. Put this on your side table and be reminded of all your precious moments!

Ribbon Wall Clock

Time to upgrade your interior - whether on the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, this wall clock surely serves its purpose with a great design. A modern, fun, and intricate wall clock adding charm and function at the same time.

Tisbury Sun Wall Clock

This eye-catching large round gray wall clock perfectly suits every part of your home or office. It is made up of intricate details of fabric, metal, and wood. Let this wall clock gives you a functional and additional interesting piece.