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Artificial Agave in Lola Pot

Let this eye-catching Agave in Lola Pot be a welcome piece in your home! Place it in your outdoor or indoor living room, on a side table or even on the floor with a base. With its fleshy leaves and a native-inspired pot, you will surely love this piece.

Donkey Tail String of Pearls Succulent Plant in Pot

Perfect for your center or side table, let this Donkey Tail String create an Oasis on your indoors! This faux plant with a ceramic pot surely craetes a more bright and natural ambiance.

Dried Moss Balls – Set of 6

Add charm and welcoming texture to your living room with this Moss Balls. Arranged it in a clear bowl setting a more tropical atmosphere to welcome each of your visitors.

Ficus Topiary

Ficus Topiary is one of the must-haves in your home. With its unique style, it will surely complement every furniture and fixtures! This faux plant is perfect in any side table, with a couple of matching pieces such as frames or other ornaments.

Garden Geo Succulent Plant in Pot Set

A mini but appealing succulent that you can place in a side table or even in your dining. A mini garden in an elegant white pot, this piece adds charm and a smile on your face whenever you see it.

Giant Agave Plant in Planter

Give accent to any corner of your home with this Giant Agave Plant. This plant has 17 leaves with spiny lushness in a pot with a green rich tone. Let your balcony, living room, or bedroom becomes lively with this piece.

Live Laugh Love Print Desktop Grass in Cylinder Jar

This Live Laugh Love Print Desktop Grass is best on your working or bedside table. This will help you set your mood early in the morning or after a busy and tiring day. It comes with a printed inspirational words setting a reminder on how simple but meaningful life should be composed of.

Multi Bambusa Bamboo Tree in Pot

Let the Multi Bambusa Bamboo Tree in Pot creates a balanced ambiance in your home or office. Created from silk and other synthetic materials, this faux plant creates a real and authentic vibe.

Stark Hanging Terraniums

This Stark Hanging Terraniums landscaped plants inside a transparent glass surely adds a more tropical and elegance to your home! Match this with your white or cream background or hang it in your balcony or outdoor living with its triangular rope and a hook.

Stark Plant In Dome Small

This Stark Plant in Dome Small is one of an artsy masterpiece. It is made of glass and acrylic, creating a more charm to every home. It doesn't require much space because you can easily hang it in your balcony or outdoor. Arrange this Stark Plants in multiple to have a more artistic and serene atmosphere.