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3 Piece Weighted Blanket Set

Be refreshed and renewed with this three-piece Weighted Blanket Set! Crafted with polyester and mink, this set includes a 20LB Weighted Blanket, Duvet Cover, and Eyemask! The blanket provides the warmest and secured feeling whenever you lie down, the duvet cover keeping your piece clean and tidy while the eye mask creates a more relaxing and undisturbed vibe, especially when you're having sleeping problem!

Marrakesh 2-Piece Micro mink Blanket Set

Elegant and gentle - this piece perfectly fits your grand home! Crafted with microfiber, this blanket is super soft for extra comfort you need. Its waffle-like texture and color creates a more classic style that can easily suit any of your style.

Oversized Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

Comfortable and stylish - add this Velvet Plush Throw Blanket to your bedroom! Crafted with 100% polyester-soft velvet, this piece features decorative colors and patterns to give an elegant look and free from harmful substances. Use this when you sleep, binge-watch, or having a good read.

Pure Cotton Woven Bed Blanket

Elegant and functional - add this blanket to your bedroom pieces and experience the most cozy feel you need! Crafted with 100% cotton, this blanket can give warm on a cold season and a refreshing one every summer! This blanket features the classic basket-weave pattern for better airflow and available in light hues that can easily match your theme.

Sherpa Queen Bed Blanket

Your perfect daily partner is here! Whether use it when you sleep, snuggle while watching a great movie, or keeping yourself warm in a cold-weather while reading your favorite novel - this blanket is for you! Crafted with 100% polyester, this Sherpa Blanket is lightweight that you can bring all-around and provides all the coziness and warm feeling you need!

Stress Reducing Weighted Blanket

A premium piece for every elegant home! Add this blanket to your bedroom and have the most comfortable and luxurious ambiance you can have! This piece relaxes your body by creating a feeling of being hugged, letting you fall asleep faster and have a good sound sleep. It also comes in a light color that can easily match any of your bedroom decor.

Super Soft Plush Holiday Dogs Blanket

A refreshing blanket after a dreadful day! Bring an exhilarating atmosphere with this Your Zone Super Soft Plush Holiday Dogs Blanket perfect for your teens or kids room! Crafted with 100% polyester, this piece surely gives all the comfort whether you sleep, take a nap, watch movies, or even camping out! Plus, it is Oeko-Tex Certified and free from harmful substances!

Ultra Soft Microplush Velvet Blanket

Crafted with Premium Microplush Blanket, this piece comes with an extra soft feel, whether you're in bed or on your favorite spot! This piece is perfect for any family member with its hypoallergenic feature giving you the maximum comfort ever! You'll no longer worry about extra care because it is wrinkle-free, shed-free, and does not form a pill.

Weighted Throw Blanket with Removable Cover

Stay delighted and comfy with this Weighted Throw Blanket with Removable Cover that is perfect for every busy and industrious individual! After a long day, lay down with this piece crafted with a combination of polyester, ceramic beads, and microfiber. This blanket creates a feeling of being hugged, letting you relaxed all the time, and distribute pressure to crucial points of the body, reducing stress and anxiety.