EU Data Protection Policy

Decor2Style is committed to protect all the personal information collected under the EU General Data Protection Regulation that was implemented on May 25, 2018. We take part in the GDPR goal to control the use and distribution of all personal information to all European Union residents.

Data Protection Principles

In accordance with the GDPR, we at Decor2Style abide to follow and implement below data protection protocol:

  • All the personal information provided undergoes the lawful processes and maintains transparency at the same time.

  • Decor2Style use personal information accordingly. We commit to inform you of any specific use, may it be through marketing, website performance, and other relevant purposes.

  • We commit to collect only information that is adequate and relevant. Any information that is no longer needed or required on the transaction will not be asked nor used.

  • We will be removing your personal information if it no longer plays a valuable purpose for our business. However, we may keep it in a longer period of time for several purposes, such as marketing and similar legitimate functions.

  • Before collecting any single information, Decor2Style will ask your consent to collect, manage, or keep it.

  • We provide a highly-secured System Register to keep all the information, wherein only authorized personnel are allowed to access it in any circumstances – may it be through general maintenance, checking, or updating. This System Register is locked with strong passwords, has back up solutions, and undergoes at least annual review to keep protection on the high end.

  • We do not allow any sharing of your information to any parties outside the EU or EEA unless needed. Should there be a chance of information sharing, we will be informing you with the purpose, and takes necessary action steps to keep your information protected.

  • In the event of breaching or accidental loss, Decor2Style will immediately assess the risk of possible distribution of your personal information and take necessary action to limit or stop it.

The Right of Every Individual

Per GDPR, Decor2Style provides the following rights to every individual:

  • The right to be informed about how we collect and use your personal data.

  • You have the right to view or access your personal information anytime that you can request through call or email.

  • You have the right to update or rectify any inaccurate personal data as long as it meets all legal guidelines.

  • You have the right to remove or delete your personal information with our database after all the transactions.

  • You have the right to limit or restrict the use of your personal information. Should you permit us to keep your data, this will not be used for any purpose, respectively.

  • You have the right to object or disallow us to use it beyond the purpose of buying on our website, such as marketing or creating statistical data.

Review and Changes

This EU Data Protection Policy shall be reviewed annually. Decor2Style commits to update this as soon as possible should there be any changes or updates done on the EU General Data Protection Regulation.