How to Choose Perfect Placemats for Each Occasion

More than just a piece of cloth, placemats have many purposes as we lay it down to our tables. It has become part of every meal, beautiful conversations, and adds a more subtle and exciting atmosphere. And if you’ve been thinking about buying or investing on placement right now, see below tips to finally grab the perfect set for your kitchen.

Benefits of Using Placemats

Placemats have plenty of benefits. First and foremost, it can protect your table from heat, and moisture from the food or utensils. It can also keep your table cloth from spills, stains, and prevent getting dirty. Placemats can also serve as decorations that you can complement or match with your table napkins, utensils, or your home vibe and interior. You can also use it as a present for a family friend and you can customize it to make it more special. 

So whether you are buying it for your own home or for someone, you can always use below guide on the type or style of placemat that would fit any of your occasions, or maybe on turning ordinary meal to something special.

Placemat for a Formal Meal

If you are planning to organize or have a dinner party with your business partners, a sophisticated meal with your friends, a quite formal celebration with your family such as an intimate wedding, you may consider more elegant or formal-themed pieces. 

  • Choose a plain color palette, with discrete edgings
  • You may also consider the season of the event. If its winter, you can choose some dark colors, if it’s summer you may choose fun, lively, and bright colors such as green, or orange
  • Upon choosing the placement of your choice, you can use double placemat, experiment on the color combination and style

Placemat for Informal Meal

Informal meals are celebrations with a more relaxing atmosphere. These are the meals we enjoyed with our friends, and families that have a lighter, and relaxed setting. This is where you simply choose your favorite food even if they don’t complement each other. These are meals that you simply enjoy each others company.

For informal meals, you can always dress with colorful and beautiful patterns. You can also experiment and combine two different placemats complementing each other.

Placement for Meals with Children

If you are having meals with children or probably for a children’s party, you can always play and have fun. Choose pieces with bright colors, fun designs such as animals, or some special characters. 

Placemat for Everyday Use

Of course, we should also consider placemats for our daily meals. Since these are more prone to stains and spills, you should always consider below:

  • Choose plain colors that can complement your daily table clothes.
  • Consider non-stain placemats to prevent you from repeatedly washing it – some pieces that you can just wipe and you’re good to go again.
  • Consider simple patterns to have a more fun and exciting ambiance, that you can also use as an alternative to the plain-designed placemats.


Depending on the purpose, choosing a placemat is significant to have a more meaningful meal, and keeping it more functional, and if you are looking for some placemats for your home right now, Decor2Style has several sets that you can choose from.