How to Pick the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Choosing the right lighting for your home is not just an ordinary task. By finding the perfect one – you can create the most serene, cozy, and whatever ambiance you want to showcase and feel.

Remember, your home serves as your sanctuary -this is where you find energy and a place of peace. And if you’re confused until now, below are several tips on choosing the right lighting for your home.

1. Know the types of lighting. Before even purchasing a new one, make sure you understand that there are different lighting types so you’ll understand where to use and place it.

  • Ambient Lighting – This lighting is the primary source of light. It can be the outdoor light, those coming from the window and the indoor lights, or the fixtures we usually use.

  • Task Lighting – These lights increase illuminance to let you accomplish specific tasks such as reading, writing, sewing, or doing your make-up. Task lights come in different shapes and sizes – you can let them sit on the desk, rotate, or mount on the wall.

  • Accent Lighting – These are the types of light that give attention to a particular place or item in the house, such as paintings, fireplace, or bookshelves. Sconce and chandeliers are several examples.

2. Know the different lighting category. After understanding light types. Then, you need to know that there are different categories. Here are some:

  • Sconce – These are wall-mounted light fixtures. It doesn’t have a base on the ground and usually called a traditional torch. It is generally installed in pairs and falls under the accent lighting.

  • Vanity This is a type of light fixture, usually called as “vanity bar” are mostly placed in the bathroom, or above a mirror. The primary goal of vanity lights is to draw attention to the focal point or the main spot.

  • Pendants Pendant lights are usually called drop or suspenders. These are usually hung from the ceiling held by a cord, chain, or rod and installed in multiples in dining, bars, and sometimes in the bathroom.

  • Lamp – These are the most common type of artificial light. It includes an incandescent, fluorescent, and LED that are commonly used in most part of our house.

3. Consider the purpose and where to put it. Now that you know different lighting, then it’s about time to understand where and what to put. The living room is where you relax, welcome guests, and usually place for entertainment, then you can install lamps, chandeliers, and sconce. Depending on your mood, you can turn the bright light to a dim one.

For the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom where lights are necessary, you may consider LED lights. And you may also put some shade or accents.

For your walk-in closet, you may put an LED also and some vanity light above your mirror or your make-up corner.

For the balcony, you may want to add some pendant or sconce to create a warm atmosphere.

Now, it’s time to buy!

By understanding the basics, you can easily decide on the appropriate lighting at your home. After that, you need to check some options on where to buy. And if you’re looking for one, you can check out our lighting category. We offer various options from classic, contemporary, or any theme you want.

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