The Five Benefits of Maintaining Curtains at Home

Beyond aesthetics, maintaining curtains has plenty of benefits; whether you are staying at your own home, in an apartment, condominium, or even if you are renting a room or a very small place. Surely, curtains will make a lot of difference. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a door or window curtains now.

1. Temperature Control

Curtains can truly control the current condition at your home, whether it’s summer or winter. You can choose from thermal control and blackout curtains.

Thermal curtains are composed of acrylic foam in double or triple layers of fabric to provide proper insulation that is perfect for the winter season. This is also appropriate if you have drafty windows to keep you warm.

On the other hand, blackout curtains are made up of tightly-woven fabric with a thin layer sewn on the interior of the curtain to ensure blocking the sunlight.

2. Dust Prevention

Aside from temperature control, curtains can also prevent dust from spreading in different parts of your home. Dust-absorbing curtains can slow down air velocity and stop dust and air-borne bacteria from entering. With that, dusting-off your home can barely save you time.

One tip if you buy a dust-absorbing curtain, you should wash it frequently to serve its purpose.

3. Provides Privacy

If you have some noisy neighbors or you want more privacy, curtains are also perfect. Choose sheer/ blackout curtains or those with deep colors and a bit larger size from your window to ensure that it fully covers your room.

Sheer/blackout curtains can block lighting preventing others from seeing you from the outside or maybe hearing our your conversations

5. Transforms Your Space

You wouldn’t imagine how a bare space can transform into an elegant, fun, or smart home. With tons of curtain design options, you can never go wrong in choosing the perfect fit for your style or theme. Some of your options are:

Custom drapes – may be expensive but the quality is always worthy. Customer drapes are perfect for homes with high ceilings, if you want a more polished, tailored fit size, and a professionally-made piece.

Single or double panel curtains – single panel curtains are ideal for small spaces, while double panels are for your home with enough area.

You can also choose from various fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen, velvet, sheers with different colors and patterns.


Curtains have plenty of benefits. It doesn’t only add value or beauty to your home but it also provides privacy, prevents dust, and controls temperature from any season.

Curtains are one of the essentials to our home that you should invest in, and if you have no curtains yet, we have plenty of options that you can choose from.

Decor2style has door and window curtains varying from elegant, plains, plaids, and printed design that is perfect for every living, or bedroom. Plus, we also offer curtain rods that will be suitable for the curtains that you want to avail.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and never miss our deals!

Four Reasons to Invest in Laundry Hampers and Baskets

Laundry hampers and baskets are beneficial in many ways, whether you are living alone in an apartment or you are living with a small or big family. Laundry hampers and baskets may seem to be just a piece of cloth or storage, but it plays a significant role in our home and our daily lives. See below reasons why you should invest in laundry hampers and baskets now.

1. Organizing Becomes Easy

If you’re the type of person who would like everything in order, including your laundry, baskets or hampers is for you. With the use of baskets and hampers, you can easily arrange or organize. You can separate your laundry based on their color or the type of cloth; white, for special occasions, and those used on a daily basis.

You can also segregate the clothes that are full of dirt with those which are not. Also, you can avail baskets or hampers for every room or every family member.

2. For Safety Purposes

Laundry and hampers are also significant in keeping safety at home, especially if you have kids. Imagine your kids roaming around your home with clothes anywhere, they may probably slip at the floor that we never want to happen. 

With laundry hampers and baskets, you and your kids can easily move around without any hesitation or worries. Clean. Simple. Safe.

3. You Can Use it as Storage for Other Items

Aside from using it for laundry clothes, laundry baskets or hampers can also serve as storage for other items and personal belongings such as toys, cushions, decoration, towels, and even for your hobby items. 

Laundry baskets and hampers also vary in size. You can choose from small, medium, or large depending on your needs or on the things that you will store in it.

4. It Can Also Serve as Decorations or Accessories

In relation to keeping it as storage for other items, hampers and baskets can also serve as your home decoration or accessories. Hampers and baskets are also made from different materials such as cloth/tote, wooden materials such as bamboo, or canvass. 

They are also available in different shapes such as oval, rectangular, drawstrings, and hexagon pop up that is foldable that you can easily transfer to any side of the house.

You can even play around and use your creativity within. You can avail two to three items in different designs and sizes and arrange them vertically or you can also put them on different corners of your home. Plus you can choose a design that would fit your home theme.

I’m sure that your guests would love it!


Investing in laundry hampers and baskets have multiple benefits to our home, and if you are still looking for these items, Decor2Style has plenty of options for you. You can choose different styles made from various materials such as cloth, wood, or canvass. Check it now and see what can fit you the best! 

How to Choose Perfect Placemats for Each Occasion

More than just a piece of cloth, placemats have many purposes as we lay it down to our tables. It has become part of every meal, beautiful conversations, and adds a more subtle and exciting atmosphere. And if you’ve been thinking about buying or investing on placement right now, see below tips to finally grab the perfect set for your kitchen.

Benefits of Using Placemats

Placemats have plenty of benefits. First and foremost, it can protect your table from heat, and moisture from the food or utensils. It can also keep your table cloth from spills, stains, and prevent getting dirty. Placemats can also serve as decorations that you can complement or match with your table napkins, utensils, or your home vibe and interior. You can also use it as a present for a family friend and you can customize it to make it more special. 

So whether you are buying it for your own home or for someone, you can always use below guide on the type or style of placemat that would fit any of your occasions, or maybe on turning ordinary meal to something special.

Placemat for a Formal Meal

If you are planning to organize or have a dinner party with your business partners, a sophisticated meal with your friends, a quite formal celebration with your family such as an intimate wedding, you may consider more elegant or formal-themed pieces. 

  • Choose a plain color palette, with discrete edgings
  • You may also consider the season of the event. If its winter, you can choose some dark colors, if it’s summer you may choose fun, lively, and bright colors such as green, or orange
  • Upon choosing the placement of your choice, you can use double placemat, experiment on the color combination and style

Placemat for Informal Meal

Informal meals are celebrations with a more relaxing atmosphere. These are the meals we enjoyed with our friends, and families that have a lighter, and relaxed setting. This is where you simply choose your favorite food even if they don’t complement each other. These are meals that you simply enjoy each others company.

For informal meals, you can always dress with colorful and beautiful patterns. You can also experiment and combine two different placemats complementing each other.

Placement for Meals with Children

If you are having meals with children or probably for a children’s party, you can always play and have fun. Choose pieces with bright colors, fun designs such as animals, or some special characters. 

Placemat for Everyday Use

Of course, we should also consider placemats for our daily meals. Since these are more prone to stains and spills, you should always consider below:

  • Choose plain colors that can complement your daily table clothes.
  • Consider non-stain placemats to prevent you from repeatedly washing it – some pieces that you can just wipe and you’re good to go again.
  • Consider simple patterns to have a more fun and exciting ambiance, that you can also use as an alternative to the plain-designed placemats.


Depending on the purpose, choosing a placemat is significant to have a more meaningful meal, and keeping it more functional, and if you are looking for some placemats for your home right now, Decor2Style has several sets that you can choose from. 

Bedding Care 101: Ways on Taking Care Your Beddings

When you properly take care of your beddings, indeed, you’ll be having a good day!

One of our deepest sanctuary or rest place at home is our bedroom. Thus, keeping a comfortable, neat, fresh beddings is a must and needs attention. When we take care all of them, we can have a restless and peaceful sleep. And we all know that having a peaceful sleep has a significant impact on how we face our busy day — we can always be productive, efficient, and happy!

So here are some ways on taking care of your beddings that every home shall apply.

Always Check the Care Label

The number rule on how to properly take care of your beddings is to check what’s in the label care. Check the tag, whether it is made from fabric cotton, polyester blend, silk, and others. Then, check if you can either use hot or cold water or if it can be line-dried or tumble-dried.

You may probably say that it’s obvious; however, this basic rule is sometimes neglected and become the main cause of ruining your beddings.

After this, you may now follow the below tips.

When to Wash Your Sheets

According to the 2012 poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 91 percent of people change their sheets every other week. While this is the usual practice, you may also want to consider other things on the frequency of washing your sheets. 

Sheets accumulate thousands of bacteria. Thus, you may opt to wash them every week, especially on below instances:

  • If you have allergies or asthma
  • If you have pets and you love cuddling with them on bed
  • If you sweat excessively
  • If you sleep naked, and others

When you do this, you decrease your exposure to bacteria that may worsen your medical condition.

Onto Washing Your Sheets

Detergent residues may cause yellowing of your bedding pieces, so when it comes to washing, make sure to rinse them twice to prevent excess detergent residues. 

When the sheets can be subjected to a dryer, don’t dry them thoroughly. Instead, take them out and drape them into the drying rack, and simply stretch. This is to prevent breaking the natural fibers and prevents you from too much ironing.

You should also avoid too-hot dryers as it contributes to breaking and weakening the natural fibers.

Replacing Your Sheets

Just like our normal clothes, sheets should be replaced regularly, too. They also ages and worn out, considering that we spend almost one-third of our day here. 

Sheets should be replaced on an average of two to three years. Several signs that you may notice on its wear and tear are thinning, yellowing, and fading. You can also feel its decline and may disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Washing Your Pillows

Make sure that all your pillows have pillowcases. These pillowcases will shield hair and body oil that can be absorbed by the filling. 

Since most synthetic pillows are machine-washable, you can wash them at least twice a year. Use a mild liquid detergent to prevent residue. Make sure to rinse them twice to ensure that there are no detergent residues left.

On drying them, use the low-heat setting to prevent clumping on the polyester-filled pillows. You also need to make sure that they are completely dried to avoid the formation of molds. Then, take a little time to plump them during bedtime to prevent flattening.

Replacing Your Pillows

The typical pillow replacement is one to two years. It is dependent on the durability or type of pillow you avail. Latex can last up to 3-4 years, buckwheat can last up to three years, feather and memory foam lifespan is 18-36 months, while polyester can only last from 6-24 months. 

Aside from that, you should also consider replacing them when you notice below signs:

  • There are noticeable lumps
  • There are permanent stains
  • When you wake up in aches and pain especially on your neck and shoulder
  • If there’s a need to fluff your pillow almost everyday to feel comfortable, and others

Taking Care of Your Duvets and Comforters

Just like pillows, comforters and duvets should also have a cover. This is to protect them from dust, dirt, oil, and others that may break the fabric. However, some decorative comforters don’t need covers. Thus, you should wash them on a weekly to monthly basis. 

In washing them, make sure that you dry them thoroughly to prevent molds and mildew. Right after drying, store them in a cool and dry place. You may also consider putting them on linen or breathable canvass bag.

To keep a fresh and clean comforter, you may hang or dry them under the sun every few months or fluff them on a low-heat dryer.

Replacing Your Duvets and Comforters

Since comforters and duvets don’t support weight, they usually last for 15 to 20 years if properly taken care of. Thus, you may start replacing them if they already look limp, flat, and the filling begins to leak. 

The Five Advantages of Keeping Artificial Plants at Home

Nothing beats a home full of greeneries — with well-timed leaves and a variety of ornaments in bright and beautiful colors. They are relaxing in our eyes and provide a fresher and positive atmosphere to our sanctuary.

While many households love maintaining real plants, there are also some challenges in sustaining it. It takes a consistent effort and patience to keep its glow and charm daily.

And if you want to keep it simple yet aesthetically alluring, maybe you should consider artificial plants. See below advantages and how it can benefit you.

1. Artificial Plants are Low Maintenance

Artificial plants don’t need water, trimming, or fertilizer to grow. You don’t need to wake up early to water them, you don’t need to buy insecticides, and you don’t even need to search for sunlight to keep them alive. Therefore, they are undemanding.

And if your family loves traveling, you don’t need to ask someone to water them when you’re out. Once you purchase it, that’s it! No other things required.

2. They are Durable and Long-lasting

Artificial plants are durable. Their leaves don’t fall or wilt even on different weather or season.

If you decide to choose some outdoor artificial plants, there are different types such as weather-resistant, UV treated, or UV infused.

Weather-resistant are crafted from a combination of a typical plastic material and real wood or synthetic trunks. They can stand on different conditions such as rainy, sunny, or even snow. UV treated types are sprayed with a UV coating for additional protection. While UV Infused are made from Poly-blend materials with UV protectant during the manufacturing stage.

These types of plants usually last from one to ten years, depending on how harsh or hard the climate is, and how you take care of them.

3. Say Goodbye to Pests

Gone are the days with fire ants, bugs, mealybugs, spider mites, or other insect types hanging around. With its plastic materials, the absence of real leaves and soil, insects and pests have no source of food, and reason to ravage your faux plants.

However, there’s no hundred percent guarantee on attracting them because crevices, damage, or dirt can be one of the reasons.

One simple tip —make sure to maintain or clean your artificial plants properly, to prevent them from coming.

4. You Can Be More Creative and Limitless

Since artificial plants only require less maintenance, you can always play around.

You have a wide variety of options to choose from Cherry Blossom Tree, Bonsai Tree, Aspen Tree, Olive Topiary, Succulent Sphere, Moss Sphere, and many more without even worrying how to grow them.

You can vary stem height, you can transfer it on a clear jar and add water, transfer on a basket in different designs, you can scatter them on your living space and many other styles.

With faux plants, you can always be creative and limitless. You can move them anytime and anywhere you want or try different styles quarterly or depending on the occasion.

5. They are Harmless to Pets

Several house plants may harm your cats and dogs. See some below:

  • Asparagus Ferns – contains Sapogenin (toxic steroid) that may cause diarrhea and vomiting to your cats and gods when ingested
  • Aloe Plants – contains aloin that may cause vomiting and reddish urine to your pets and can even lead to poisoning
  • Jade Plant – can also lead to vomiting, depression, and slow heartbeat when ingested

So if you are a plant and pet lover at the same time, faux plants may be perfect for you. You are beautifying your home at the same time much safer for your pet buddies!

Excited to Choose Your Faux Plants?

Faux plants can make an enormous difference in styling your home and making you happy and satisfied as you’ve never experienced before.

And if you’re ready to choose, we have different options for you! See which one is perfect for your home HERE.

Five Benefits of Investing in Premium Trash Can at Home

Great! Your new home is now finally set. The interior is beautiful. The curtains are attractive. The kitchenwares you have chosen range from timeless to grand pieces while your sala set can fit every family and special gathering.

But wait, maybe you forget something else. Perhaps you miss this simple yet significant piece that can truly complete and bring essence to your home.

Yes, you heard it right – the trash can.

Often neglected, trash can plays a significant role in our home.

And if you aren’t convinced yet, below are the reasons why it’s worthy to invest in premium trash cans. Take note, premium trash cans, which mean durable trash cans, and with high-quality.

1. It Keeps Your Home Clean and Safe at All Times

Imagine a home without a trash can. There’ll be used paper or tissues everywhere. There’ll be tons of plastics or bottles that you can see on any corner. And truth be told, this can cause some accidents such as slipping.

Meanwhile, if there are trash cans on respective areas such as bathroom or kitchen, every member of the family doesn’t need to clutter or go outside to throw up the pieces.

2. Kitchen Smell is Far Better

Food leftover, fruit or vegetable peelings, and other trash cause stingy odor. As you place it in a plastic bag or an open can and decomposes, its smell starts to travel on air particles, sticks to the curtains and other cloths keeping your whole kitchen, and sometimes other parts of your home have a terrible odor.

Premium trash cans have specialized liners preventing leakage and odors.

3. It Allows Everyone to Stay Healthy

In addition to preventing stinky odor, the availability of trash bin also prevents insects and pests. If there are trashes left on any part of your home, this is where insects and pests will start to come in.

Remember, flies, cockroaches, or rats can cause several diseases such as malaria, plague, and many more.

4. It Surely Fits Your Home Interior

If you are worried whether trash bins may ruin your home style and interior, you don’t need to whether you have a Zen-type or an antique home style.

Modern trash bins are made from sturdy materials such as stainless steel, wood, or plastics with decorative style. Some are camouflaged, some are in vibrant colors, while others are minimalist to suit your home theme.

If you want to explore, you can also combine and experiment. You can put some simple style on your kitchen or playful one in your bedroom or bathroom.

5. Recycling is a One Big Hit

As you keep your home clean and tidy with these trash bins, you’ll also learn to consider recycling. You will start to realize the importance of separating everything, especially aluminum cans, bottles, steels, and other reusable materials.

With the use of trash bins, you can quickly identify which are which, those that can still be used, and those that will be fully thrown.

Who knows, you can still earn money from it!

Simple it may sound, trash cans play an essential role in our home. That’s why we should always consider keeping and investing in these pieces. Check out our list of trash cans that are both functional and stylish.

Why Maintaining Floor Mats at Home is Important

Floor mats have become part of our home, of our everyday lives. In fact, we see different pieces of mats on different parts of our home — in the entrance, living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallways, and bathroom. And if you’re about to purchase one and wondering if it’s still worthy to invest on high-quality mats, see some benefits below.

1. Mats Promote Floor Safety.

First, floor mats promote safety. Anti-slip mats are composed of ridges and textured surfaces to ensure grip and traction on the slippery floor. That’s why this is usually installed at the entrance, kitchen, or bathroom to keep the floor dry and prevent anyone from slipping or falling.

2. It Helps Maintain Cleanliness.

Imagine a home without a doormat; maybe all the dirt is going in and out, leaving you with a dirty floor and all the efforts of cleaning.

But when you install high-quality floor mats, especially at the entrance, we can keep our home clean. Doormats prevent and scrape all the dirt on your shoes from the outside, such as snow, salts, mud, soil, and other debris.

Also, preventing dirt limits the regulation of bacteria.

3. Mats Provide Comfort.

Not just for safety and cleanliness, mats also provide warmth at home and even in the offices. Heating floor mats are composed of heating elements that produce heat and keep a warm and cozy environment during the cold season. With these types of mats, people can move comfortably and sustain a productive mood throughout the day.

4. Mats Prevent Floor Damage.

Too often, there are lots of activities going on in our house; people are coming in and out all day, kids keep on playing, there are some gatherings, and there are possibilities that our floor tiles or surfaces can be scratched, stained or easily damaged.

But with mats available, it helps to protect our flooring and have a longer life. Remember, our floorings are also one of our investments through time; aside from its aesthetic value, it also increases the value of our home in case you decide to sell it.

5. Mats Can Create a Beautiful Home.

Lastly, we can use mats to beautify or decorate your home. If you love interior design, you can keep selections of mats in different shapes and sizes that can complement and appeal to every part of your home. Depending on its design, every mat can either add character to your home, connect or fill space, create features, welcome your visitors, and many more.

Also, you can even customize some mats on your own preference.

Are You Ready to Choose Your Doormat?

Doormats play a vital role in our home. It may be a simple or small piece, but it provides more benefits to keep our abode more comfortable, beautiful, and safe. So choosing the best and high-quality mats are always beneficial. And if you are looking one, you can check out our list and see which one fits your place. 

Five Tips on Choosing the Right Online Shop for Your Home Needs

In our internet world, creating a website or online store becomes easy as one, two, three! When you have a product, you know how to create a website, or maybe you can hire one – then you are good to go!

While there are so many options out there, how are you going to know that they are real and authentic? How will you know that the items you have ordered will arrive on time, with high quality, and the price you paid would not be compensated? Below are some tips to keep safe shopping online for your home needs.

1. Check the website. While online shops are accessible through their website, you should also check how legit their site is. Check out different page sections such as the About Page and know about what the company is and how they started, the Terms and Conditions to be familiar with how transactions are processed, and Data Privacy Policy to keep your personal information secure and safe. These pages are musts and shall always be available on the site. A good website also contains a contact number and email address.

2. On Terms and Conditions. Read and carefully criticize their Terms and Conditions. It shall consist of the following elements:

  • Transactions – Check how each transaction is handled. Are there email confirmations? Are there customer service personnel in case you have some questions? What are the payment options?

  • Return and Refund – Are there fair chances of returns or replacement in case there are missing accessories or broken items are received? What are their policies? What will happen if the item did not arrive on time? Always think ahead because clicking the buy button and paying for it is never a joke.

  • The Delivery – How are the items delivered? How are they tracked? What will happen if items were shipped late?

Those are the critical items. Thus, the Terms and Conditions must also consist of the payment methods, including charge if there is, the commitment of the company in providing high-quality products, and many more.

3. Check the Reviews. Having a website alone isn’t enough. Now, check out what people are saying about them and their products. You can check the Review Page of the site and scan what their customers are saying. Is it positive or negative? Are there some compliments or some complaints?

Do they have social media pages? What people are talking about on their social media.

As a customer, you can feel how authentic your online furniture shop is, and you will be ready once you feel it.

4. Check the product quality. Now that you know that your possible online furniture supplier is authentic, it’s now time to check the product quality. Check who are the suppliers of the items – are they known or not? If they are new or young in the industry, you can also check their website and see the information about it.

5. The variety of the products. A good furniture shop must contain various items where you can easily mix and match. If they have items for lightings, then there should also be accessories, decor, and items that can easily complement in case you also want to buy in the same store.

Ready to buy one?

Buying online should not be easy peasy. Scrutinize, and use your magnifying instinct first before clicking adding to card and hitting the buy button!

How to Make Your Home Smell Instantly Fresh All Day 

You once enter your friend’s home – a fresh scent suddenly wave at you, gently soothing your senses, and creating some relaxing atmosphere as you go from living to the dining. And then, you sit, and quickly feel at home. Your friend offered a cup of coffee, you start smiling, talk about beautiful stuff, and the time lets you in.

The smell of your home – one of the most important aspects that you should always consider. With a great smell, your ambiance would turn into a more inviting, and a happy ambiance. But how are you going to sustain a home with freshness all day long, despite your daily activities, and everyone else in the family. Check out below ways!

1. Keep it clean.

Nothing can smell successfully good without starting with the basics. Always keep everything clean. We have several strong home odors that we couldn’t easily mask, and the only way is to carefully handle them with care. Here are some:

  • Mildew towels and other damp rags. Damp clothes, rags or towels are the favorite places or home of millions of bacteria, giving a strong musty smell. Make sure to keep all your damp clothes dry before putting it into hampers. Put your towels under the sunlight before keeping it inside, and have a frequency of rag replacement to prevent a strong smell at the kitchen.
  • Your pet litter. Part of loving our pets is also cleaning their litter. Your dog or cat’s days-old litter or pee can be worst that even you can get accustomed over it. Chances are you won’t notice it until your guests do. So always keep your pet’s area clean. Create a schedule where you can apply some soap and brush it to smell fresh everyday. I’m sure your pets would love it too!
  • Cooking. Whenever you cook something with a stinky smell, always make sure to turn the exhaust fan on or open the window. You can also lit up a candle to reduce the smell.
  • Garbage bins and disposals. Another contributor to a stinky smell is your garbage bins. Make sure to regularly dispose all your garbage and clean the bins with soap and water at least a week.

2. Put some plants inside.

Indoor plants don’t just serve as decor or beautify your home. Thus, it also cleanses the air and provides fragrance too. Why not add some eucalyptus, Arabian Jasmine, or Corsage Orchids on your living room and have some relaxing, tropical and fresh ambiance.

3. Put some scented candles strategically.

Putting some candles alone is good but putting it on the proper location would be better. Place some scented candles around just like in the living room, or put it inside the linen storage unlit and be surprised on its effect. 

According to interior designer Dee Murphy, storages, where fabrics are seen, is one strategic place. Fabrics can easily absorb the scent. When you open the storage, you’ll be surprised how it smells and how it automatically spread the fragrance all over the room.

4. Use some deodorizer

Eliminate lingering smells at your home using different deodorizers. Deodorizers seal the contamination and inhibit the smell to spread on the air space. Use some deodorizer at your home to prevent and have some fresh air such as fruits (oranges and lemons), salt, vinegar, eucalyptus, spices (such as cinnamon), coffee grounds, or saturating a cotton ball with your favorite fragrance such as vanilla extract or lavender. 

With various ways of keeping your home fresh all the time, surely you can make it! Start by cleaning in and out, remove all the clutter, maintain the stuff that you only need, try some plants, candles or fragrances, and that’s it!

Surely, you’ll always have an exciting mood to come home everyday!

Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in a New Mattress

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying a new mattress for a long time now. However, some hesitations are running in your head. While high-quality mattresses may seem costly, and you aren’t sure if it’s good or worthy or if it’s better just to pick the ordinary? So here are below reasons why it’s essential to invest in your home mattress.

1. Because you spend around ⅓ of your day in this piece.

They say that we spend most of our time at work. We spend around twelve to fifteen hours outside. Thus, one-third or an average of eight hours are spent on bedtime or on our mattresses. In this case, where we should be at our most serene and tranquil hours of our day, your bed should never cause you any back pain, has no dents or saggy areas, does not cause you any allergies, or maybe letting you feel some tired upon waking up. 

2.It benefits your health in the long run.

Sleep is vital to our health. Like what they say, better sleep means longer life and lesser health concerns. Thus, your mattress plays a significant role in it. A high-quality mattress means a comfortable sleep, and a restful sleep means being more productive, functional immune system, better mood, and mental well-being and many more benefits as you go and fight the next day. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have those benefits in the long run?

3. It saves you a lot of money.

While you may think that it probably cost you some, but let’s say you buy a cheap mattress at around 100 dollars, and after several weeks it’s already worn out or causing you some pain?

And then you repurchase another piece at the same price because, by this time, it’s causing you some allergies? In this case, you’re already spending 200 dollars.

While if you buy a high-quality mattress for around 500 dollars that can last up to an average of eight years, you’ll only having an investment of approximately 60 dollars per year.

Think longterm, and for sure, you’ll see the difference.

4. There’s no other place like going home.

For all of us who are working all day, experience to be along the road with traffic, and all the reports and deadlines that need to be done, we deserve to have our own place. A place where we can relax and find inner peace, regain and have full power the next day. Thus, our mattress does a lot of roles. 

How great it is to rest your body in the most comfortable mattress you can have. Well, I can only say – it’s probably haven.

Ready to Choose Your New Mattress?

Like what I’ve said, investing in your mattress, is like investing in yourself. Having a good mattress is giving yourself enough rest, comfort, and a solemn place or sanctuary whenever you set your foot inside your home. 

Decor2Style offers various mattresses from latex to memory foam. Go, see our mattress section, and have a look at which one is suitable for you.