Artificial Plants

The Five Advantages of Keeping Artificial Plants at Home

Nothing beats a home full of greeneries — with well-timed leaves and a variety of ornaments in bright and beautiful colors. They are relaxing in our eyes and provide a fresher and positive atmosphere to our sanctuary.

While many households love maintaining real plants, there are also some challenges in sustaining it. It takes a consistent effort and patience to keep its glow and charm daily.

And if you want to keep it simple yet aesthetically alluring, maybe you should consider artificial plants. See below advantages and how it can benefit you.

1. Artificial Plants are Low Maintenance

Artificial plants don’t need water, trimming, or fertilizer to grow. You don’t need to wake up early to water them, you don’t need to buy insecticides, and you don’t even need to search for sunlight to keep them alive. Therefore, they are undemanding.

And if your family loves traveling, you don’t need to ask someone to water them when you’re out. Once you purchase it, that’s it! No other things required.

2. They are Durable and Long-lasting

Artificial plants are durable. Their leaves don’t fall or wilt even on different weather or season.

If you decide to choose some outdoor artificial plants, there are different types such as weather-resistant, UV treated, or UV infused.

Weather-resistant are crafted from a combination of a typical plastic material and real wood or synthetic trunks. They can stand on different conditions such as rainy, sunny, or even snow. UV treated types are sprayed with a UV coating for additional protection. While UV Infused are made from Poly-blend materials with UV protectant during the manufacturing stage.

These types of plants usually last from one to ten years, depending on how harsh or hard the climate is, and how you take care of them.

3. Say Goodbye to Pests

Gone are the days with fire ants, bugs, mealybugs, spider mites, or other insect types hanging around. With its plastic materials, the absence of real leaves and soil, insects and pests have no source of food, and reason to ravage your faux plants.

However, there’s no hundred percent guarantee on attracting them because crevices, damage, or dirt can be one of the reasons.

One simple tip —make sure to maintain or clean your artificial plants properly, to prevent them from coming.

4. You Can Be More Creative and Limitless

Since artificial plants only require less maintenance, you can always play around.

You have a wide variety of options to choose from Cherry Blossom Tree, Bonsai Tree, Aspen Tree, Olive Topiary, Succulent Sphere, Moss Sphere, and many more without even worrying how to grow them.

You can vary stem height, you can transfer it on a clear jar and add water, transfer on a basket in different designs, you can scatter them on your living space and many other styles.

With faux plants, you can always be creative and limitless. You can move them anytime and anywhere you want or try different styles quarterly or depending on the occasion.

5. They are Harmless to Pets

Several house plants may harm your cats and dogs. See some below:

  • Asparagus Ferns – contains Sapogenin (toxic steroid) that may cause diarrhea and vomiting to your cats and gods when ingested
  • Aloe Plants – contains aloin that may cause vomiting and reddish urine to your pets and can even lead to poisoning
  • Jade Plant – can also lead to vomiting, depression, and slow heartbeat when ingested

So if you are a plant and pet lover at the same time, faux plants may be perfect for you. You are beautifying your home at the same time much safer for your pet buddies!

Excited to Choose Your Faux Plants?

Faux plants can make an enormous difference in styling your home and making you happy and satisfied as you’ve never experienced before.

And if you’re ready to choose, we have different options for you! See which one is perfect for your home HERE.