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How to Make Your Home Smell Instantly Fresh All Day 

You once enter your friend’s home – a fresh scent suddenly wave at you, gently soothing your senses, and creating some relaxing atmosphere as you go from living to the dining. And then, you sit, and quickly feel at home. Your friend offered a cup of coffee, you start smiling, talk about beautiful stuff, and the time lets you in.

The smell of your home – one of the most important aspects that you should always consider. With a great smell, your ambiance would turn into a more inviting, and a happy ambiance. But how are you going to sustain a home with freshness all day long, despite your daily activities, and everyone else in the family. Check out below ways!

1. Keep it clean.

Nothing can smell successfully good without starting with the basics. Always keep everything clean. We have several strong home odors that we couldn’t easily mask, and the only way is to carefully handle them with care. Here are some:

  • Mildew towels and other damp rags. Damp clothes, rags or towels are the favorite places or home of millions of bacteria, giving a strong musty smell. Make sure to keep all your damp clothes dry before putting it into hampers. Put your towels under the sunlight before keeping it inside, and have a frequency of rag replacement to prevent a strong smell at the kitchen.
  • Your pet litter. Part of loving our pets is also cleaning their litter. Your dog or cat’s days-old litter or pee can be worst that even you can get accustomed over it. Chances are you won’t notice it until your guests do. So always keep your pet’s area clean. Create a schedule where you can apply some soap and brush it to smell fresh everyday. I’m sure your pets would love it too!
  • Cooking. Whenever you cook something with a stinky smell, always make sure to turn the exhaust fan on or open the window. You can also lit up a candle to reduce the smell.
  • Garbage bins and disposals. Another contributor to a stinky smell is your garbage bins. Make sure to regularly dispose all your garbage and clean the bins with soap and water at least a week.

2. Put some plants inside.

Indoor plants don’t just serve as decor or beautify your home. Thus, it also cleanses the air and provides fragrance too. Why not add some eucalyptus, Arabian Jasmine, or Corsage Orchids on your living room and have some relaxing, tropical and fresh ambiance.

3. Put some scented candles strategically.

Putting some candles alone is good but putting it on the proper location would be better. Place some scented candles around just like in the living room, or put it inside the linen storage unlit and be surprised on its effect. 

According to interior designer Dee Murphy, storages, where fabrics are seen, is one strategic place. Fabrics can easily absorb the scent. When you open the storage, you’ll be surprised how it smells and how it automatically spread the fragrance all over the room.

4. Use some deodorizer

Eliminate lingering smells at your home using different deodorizers. Deodorizers seal the contamination and inhibit the smell to spread on the air space. Use some deodorizer at your home to prevent and have some fresh air such as fruits (oranges and lemons), salt, vinegar, eucalyptus, spices (such as cinnamon), coffee grounds, or saturating a cotton ball with your favorite fragrance such as vanilla extract or lavender. 

With various ways of keeping your home fresh all the time, surely you can make it! Start by cleaning in and out, remove all the clutter, maintain the stuff that you only need, try some plants, candles or fragrances, and that’s it!

Surely, you’ll always have an exciting mood to come home everyday!