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Six Tips on Creating an Asian-inspired Home

Evoked with the oriental finish, Asian-themed home is mostly recognized as tranquil and calm. It may look simple and easy, but creating one involves some passion for keeping everything in balance. Below are some tips on how to succeed in an Asian-inspired home, whether you want to showcase a Japanese, Chinese, Indian, or Thai culture.

1. A Neutral Backdrop. Asian design is composed of a diverse culture, nature, and some decorations to portray various arts and way of life. Hence, creating a perfect backdrop is one of the keys to highlight what you want to showcase. You may opt to choose a neutral background such as white, cream, or light colors such as grey or light blue so you can easily mix and match other elements of your home.

2. Keep Balance. Going through your designing process, you will always encounter the word “balance.” Keeping the right harmony between visuals, textures, and symmetry should not be under nor overrated.

If you have a single full wall, then you should add some touch of wooden floor, some glasses, or bamboo blinds.

If you have some large and bold furniture, then you should keep small for some, so it will serve as the focal point and never looks odd.

Always apply the idea of yin and yang where opposite forces, when combined, creates balance as a whole.

3. Organic and Sustainable Design. One of the appeal Oriental-design is the accent of some eco-conscious elements. So never forget to add some accents of rocks, stones, bamboo elements, traditional drapes mats, and potted plants that create a perfect atmosphere when combined.

4. The Oriental Decor. To keep a full finish, you should also add decorations or accessories featuring a specific culture. You may want to add some Buddha, Lucky Cat, some statues or artifacts, shoji, or some oriental parasols. You can also put some paintings and unique items that can serve as the centerpiece of every part of your home.

5. You can go minimalist. You can never go wrong with being minimalist. Inspired by a Zen theme, you can let your home stay clean and elegant. Asian-inspired homes don’t want any clutter and always encourages a balance between function and design. Create some organizations in your painting, some furniture, and some accessories or decors complementing each other.

6. Keep water. You can also incorporate some water features at your home, whether in the living room, entrance, in the backyard. According to Feng Shui, water signifies harmony, fluidity, and positivity, and keeping one can be a good option.

Put some Lilypond, Cascade, Caustics, or a pool in the backyard that also adds a piece of relaxation.

Ready to design your Asian-inspired Home?

Keeping an Asian-inspired home is somewhat tedious but always exciting. Let your home be filled with both rich culture and all the comfort you deserve.

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